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I find writing leads to clarity. Heres a place I’ve been getting my thoughts down since 2009. 

Sharing my appraisal template

By Alastair Banks | Aug 30, 2016

This week is appraisal week, or as we call them at Optix – Yearly Catchups. We’ve spent the last ten years honing our template for this annual event and today I share that on the vlog for you to do what you will with. Enjoy 🙂

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HR in a small business

By Alastair Banks | Jul 30, 2016

An afternoon of HR – Here are a few takeaways or ideas for you.

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7 Tips for Money Management in a Small Business

By Alastair Banks | Jul 29, 2016

Today I look back over the last 16 years and consider the best money management tips I’ve picked up. Enjoy

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Gary Vaynerchuck Likes Me! 🙂

By Alastair Banks | Jul 28, 2016

Today was a busy day – a Board Meeting, a morning in the park with the parents, a Lunch and Learn and a 911 – enjoy the roar:  

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Selling more to your current customers

By Alastair Banks | Jul 7, 2016

Are you forgetting your current customers when it comes to sales? So many do as we’re so fixated on getting people in the top of the funnel.

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GoPro v's Canon 100d

By Alastair Banks | Jul 6, 2016
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Interview with Michael Dart

By Alastair Banks | Jul 5, 2016

Today I interviewed business leader, visionary and all round nice guy, Michael Dart of Darts Farm in Exeter. They’ve won every award under the sun this year, built an incredible business which is highly respected locally and turned a farm shop into an exclusive destination. I find out some of his secrets to success. Enjoy

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Content Marketing with Dan White

By Alastair Banks | Jul 4, 2016

Today I talk Content Marketing with Dan White who heads up the service at Optix Solutions.

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Giving Promotions

By Alastair Banks | Jul 1, 2016

Today we promoted Thomas Haynes to the new Head of Digital Marketing for Optix, marking a new era for us as a company and ensuring we continue to develop, grow and improve that important area of our business. I vlogged the day.

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