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Its Networking, not Netsitting or Neteating….

So this is the first ‘REAL’ post then and hopefully the clue is the title…. I wanted to cover the one area of business I consider the lifeblood of any small company trying to build their business – Networking. Networking is the process of getting out and meeting other business people at breakfasts, lunches dinners…

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My first blog post – The purpose of this all

So what is the purpose of this blog then? And before some of you say its to inflate my ego, i can assure you thats only part of the reason.. 😉 While thinking about our (Optix) 10th birthday this July, i had one of those ‘moments of realisation’. People have always said how well we’ve…

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Nothing Here?

If there is nothing in this category yet then im sorry,  i probably havent got round to writing about this topic yet.  Keep checking back…

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