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How to Rock a Tradeshow

For those of you who follow me on Twitter you’ll know that this week I attended The East London Expo in Dagenham. It was a great event but it highlighted a few things for me which I felt were worth blogging about this week. Hopefully if you find yourself getting ready for an exhibition, you…

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6 tips for using LinkedIn effectively

Used well, LinkedIn can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business, however almost everyone I meet admits to not really understanding the platform. In professional services this is prolific, it appears firms are saying that staff should be using the tool but not actually helping them work out how to get the most from…

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From a stable job to a start-up business

This week I spent some time interviewing friend and now supplier of my firms book-keeping services, Ben Didier about starting his own business earlier this year. Why did you choose to go it alone? I have always wanted my own business, ever since I was young.  For me it was the plan from the start…

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