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Are you an Ostrich or do you eat Frogs!

I was reminded last night of how so many people stick their heads in the sand when things aren’t quite going to plan. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of this and sometimes from close friends and business associates. Here’s what happens: You need someone to make an important decision on something and you…

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Thank You!

As I write this, at 8am on the morning of my birthday, I’ve already received numerous texts from people, tweets, linkedIn messages and facebook wall comments wishing me many happy returns. I’m actually quite overwhelmed by it. Thank you so much everyone. Many of the people on the social networks didn’t even know me a…

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7 Super Useful Resources for Busy Business Owners

We’re all busy right? In the fast-paced life we lead, it’s great when a tool comes along that helps us run our business more efficiently – the trouble is there are a lot of them out there which have little or no benefit to users and in fact end up wasting us a lot of…

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