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How to attract the customers you actually want

Are you attracting the customers you actually want? We all know that running a business can be tough. First you need to find customers and when you have them, you need to keep them coming back. When it comes to marketing, both to new and existing customers the natural tendency is to tell the world about your products and…

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How the Exeter Chiefs won the Premiership

As the mighty Exeter Chiefs secure their third Twickenham final in as many years I thought it appropriate to pour a cuppa and put pen to paper. I recently attended a networking group which Chris Bentley, formerly of the Exeter Chiefs, now a partner at Smithkin Baker and working with Air Marketing spoke about his…

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Are the day’s of the Web Design Agency Numbered?

When I started off in this industry almost 20 years ago it was a very different place. To create a website you needed to know how to use a program like Microsoft Front-page or Dreamweaver. It was the dawn of the commercial internet and companies needed people with these skills to build their sites. As…

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