A VERY exciting opportunity at Optix Solutions

Optix SolutionsI bring you very exciting news today.

If I could ask that you consider sharing amongst the people you know, who this could relate to, I’d be most appreciative.

So its been almost 18 years to the day that James and I have run Optix together, as the song goes, ‘Just the two of us’. We’ve done everything together. We’ve built the business from scratch and now have an amazing team around us and lots of fabulous clients. However good businesses never stand still and ours is no different.

We have made the difficult but exciting decision to recruit at director level to help us take the business onto the next phase. We are therefore beginning our search for an operations director who will join our board and help us achieve this goal.

A bit about us (in case you didn’t know)

  • We’ve been around for 19 years (James and I started it at just 19 and straight out of University)
  • We’re one of the longest standing and best respected agencies in the area
  • We provide digital strategy, web design and development and digital marketing services
  • We work with some of the best recognised and coolest names in the area including Crealy, Ashfords, NHS, Dartmoor Brewery, Darts Farm, Lightfoot, Sanremo UK, Exeter University…
  • We are all super passionate about digital and helping our clients to get the most from it
  • We have an office dog called Spud

What we’ll be looking for:

We are going to be looking for a real people person to take on the HR, Finance and Project Management responsibilities of the company as well as helping James and I with the strategic direction. This person must fit with the ethos and culture we’ve created at Optix and will be willing to go through a process of recruitment which involves many of the team. This person will have gravitas and a proven track record of helping a business grow with excellent skills in both people and project management to deliver quality results.. We do have a more in depth job spec but for now we are simply spreading the message amongst our networks, as we aren’t about to jump into this with anyone.

What this means for James and I:

We’re not going anywhere. We simply want to focus on the areas that we are best at. For me this means more time helping our clients strategically, more public speaking and more thought leadership. For James this means pushing new services in UI/UX and special projects (We’ve just launched this – http://www.optixinnovates.co.uk). These areas are our passion and a return to them means leaving a gap in the company around HR, Finance and Project Management in particular. We also recognise that these are areas which we’ve learnt ourselves rather than having a more traditional and trained background in. Other people will be better at them than us. We’re big enough to admit that.

Our Ultimate Goal:

The over-arching goal for the company is to double in size in the next five years and we recognise that we need additional skills and resource at the senior level to do this.

If this sounds like the sort of challenge that you would be up for or have anyone in your network that might fit the bill then please let me know privately and we can chat further.

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