How to use video in your business

Video is changing the market. A few years ago it was too expensive to record things for small businesses. Professional cameras, capable of good enough quality were out of reach to Joe Public and bandwidth costs for hosting video on your website were outrageous. The game has now changed, you can get a flip camera for just over a hundred quid. These Internet friendly cameras allow you to point and shoot on one button, then via an inbuilt USB connector, upload direct to sites like YouTube or Vimeo or simply onto your computer to store for future use – oh and by the way that’s in HD too. They are quite simply the easiest pieces of technology ever!

At the time of writing this, Amazon actually have a sale on the HD version which is normally £160 and is now about £130. I’m not sure how long it’s on for so get yourself over there and get one quick – I promise you won’t regret it: (aff link)

So why and what should you be using Video for in your business?

Here’s a few ideas for you:

Here’s why it’s worth it:

The Optimisation Game – If you upload your video to YouTube you get two bites of the ‘optimisation cherry’ – Yes, Google own YouTube meaning they have dibs on two of the largest search engines in the world. More often than not you’ll see YouTube video’s shown in search engine results and guess what folks – those are free to get listed in (well apart from the time taken to video them of course) Doing a review of a product on video and uploading it to YouTube is likely to gain hundreds if not thousands of views. With a clever bit of manipulation and optimisation, you could be pulling in traffic you never thought possible.

Video adds credibility – A client of yours can speak more credibly about you than you can about yourself. You are bound to talk about your business with verve and vigour. Having a client talk about your service/product adds authenticity and credibility in bucket loads.

Video conveys more information – There are so many more dimensions on film. Mannerisms, passion and emotion can be seen and evoked with film.

Video shows personality – It can tell a story better than an flat image.

My online marketing business has it’s own YouTube channel over at: – check it out for a few ideas.

One thing I must say, is that however good flip cameras are, there are limits of what they can achieve for you and this is where I recommend working with a good video production company such as my friends over at KOR Communications who specialise in the production of high quality video and the services that surround that. Companies like KOR have a background in broadcast and can help you with media training (how to conduct yourself on film etc), they can write scripts and they can edit and brand – something you might not feel comfortable with yourself if you’re doing say a corporate video about your business – My experience tells me not to mess about with that kind of thing yourself – get the pros in  🙂

So have you had success with video? What’s the feedback been like around what you’ve produced? Can you link us to any of your work?

Oh and don’t forget that deal at Amazon: (aff link)


  1. Lex on 16th July 2010 at 11:55 am

    Hey Banksy,

    love the post and glad you included the important caveat about getting the pros in.

    For me, in addition to SEO benefits, video marketing is all about what’s behind the camera (i.e. the videographer’s experience/knowledge/ability to frame things/creative input – basically their ability to ‘direct’ what’s in front of the camera).

    DIY works – creative types and biz owners can do a cracking job – but for the less funky peeps out there, DIY just doesn’t compare to using the pros when it comes to bringing things alive.

    Higher cost yes, but not only is the end result a quality product, you then have carte blanche to create total value with it by uploading to your youtube channel as you mention; embedding in your homepage / website / newsletter / blog for real impact; spread it through SM etc etc.

    We were all blown away by Hill Tribe media’s ( take on the 2010 Exeter food fest (here on home page – which you saw at the biz leaders forum doo the other day.

    Encapsulates everything we could have hoped for and, for added offline value, I’ve now successfully used the results to send as DVD to media / sponsors / exhibitors and suppliers. What better way to taking them from visitors and fans to advocates!?!?

    Cracking result all round thanks to the power of video marketing!


    • Banksy on 16th July 2010 at 12:19 pm

      Hi Lex, Thanks for dropping by and posting such a valuable comment – everything you say is spot on. For something like the Food Festival and an important Corporate video there is no other route than getting the pro’s in, it just looks shoddy and quite tacky if you do it yourself. Anything quick and dirty can be done on something like a flip – I just don’t want video to be out of the grasp of the startup (who this blog is aimed at) completely 🙂

      I’m really looking forward to what happens with video over the next coupe of years – going to be exciting times. 🙂

      Thanks again, Al

      • Lex on 16th July 2010 at 12:37 pm

        Hi Al,

        Def agree…anyone can dip their tow in and do a good job of it which is dead exciting.

        If not them, all someone needs is a mate who is good behind (or in front!) of the camera. Simples…


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