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I find writing leads to clarity. Heres a place I’ve been getting my thoughts down since 2009. 

Scott Gould vs Alastair Banks – A Case Study

By Alastair Banks | Nov 20, 2009

Ok – back to me again! I have to warn you I’m feeling a bit mischievous today, hence the title! I realise that this blog will be read by people that don’t know either Scott or I so before I go on, I just want to give you a quick heads-up on who Scott is.…

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The 3 types of happiness

By Alastair Banks | Nov 7, 2009

This is a very exciting time for me with the introduction of my first guest blogger – Rachel Willis. Rachel and I have met as a direct result of the #likeminds social media conference earlier this year and amazingly she wasn’t even there! A very good friend of hers – Caroline Bosher put the two…

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It's not who you know, it's who knows you!

By Alastair Banks | Oct 31, 2009

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited by thebestof to attend a seminar by legendary American sales trainer Jeffrey Gitomer in London. Not really sure what to expect, I booked my place purely on Nigel Botterill’s (CEO of thebestof) account of him. I have a great deal of respect for Nigel as a businessman…

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Social Media ROI and Likeminds – WOW

By Alastair Banks | Oct 18, 2009

Friday the 16th of October saw Exeter welcome a new social media conference to the Westcountry – Like Minds. My company were lucky enough to be one of the local sponsors and our logo sat impressively on the big screen behind the speakers alongside the like of Magners and Starbucks – not bad exposure I…

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By Alastair Banks | Oct 16, 2009

Just a very quick update to say that I’m really looking forward to the South West’s first Social Media Conference today which i’m extremely proud Optix Solutions are sponsoring. With a large attendance expected, Like Minds looks set to show the rest of the UK just how leading edge the South West can be. If…

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All in a Name

By Alastair Banks | Oct 8, 2009

Do you know what, sometimes I’m absolutely amazed at how on earth people spell my name! Ok, so Alastair can be spelt a number of ways, there is Alistair (probably the most common variation), then my spelling (Alastair), then, if you’re truly Scottish you’d spell with it a ‘D’ – Alasdair. Everyday, someone emails me…

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Recession – Cost Cutting Exercise or Opportunity to Make Your Mark?

By Alastair Banks | Sep 27, 2009

Not a long post today but it’s about a topic that I’ve discussed a lot of over the past six months so I decided today to put pen to paper on it just in case it can help any small to medium sized business owners out there. Recession or any kind of slack economy is,…

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Social Media in Business

By Alastair Banks | Sep 19, 2009

Even by the internet’s rapid standards, the rise of Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Stumbeupon has been nothing short of meteoric. With hundreds of millions of people worldwide using social networks regularly (Facebook now has 200 million active users) and their popularity continuing to grow on a daily basis, they represent a…

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Web Design Company in Exeter – Early Optix

By Alastair Banks | Sep 5, 2009

A lot of people have asked me how Optix Solutions came to be, so I thought I’d write a quick post on how it happened. The year was 1999 and myself, James and two friends were all studying computer science at Exeter University. The course didn’t actually include web design although one of our lectures…

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