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I find writing leads to clarity. Heres a place I’ve been getting my thoughts down since 2009. 

Recession – Cost Cutting Exercise or Opportunity to Make Your Mark?

By Alastair Banks | Sep 27, 2009

Not a long post today but it’s about a topic that I’ve discussed a lot of over the past six months so I decided today to put pen to paper on it just in case it can help any small to medium sized business owners out there. Recession or any kind of slack economy is,…

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Social Media in Business

By Alastair Banks | Sep 19, 2009

Even by the internet’s rapid standards, the rise of Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Stumbeupon has been nothing short of meteoric. With hundreds of millions of people worldwide using social networks regularly (Facebook now has 200 million active users) and their popularity continuing to grow on a daily basis, they represent a…

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Web Design Company in Exeter – Early Optix

By Alastair Banks | Sep 5, 2009

A lot of people have asked me how Optix Solutions came to be, so I thought I’d write a quick post on how it happened. The year was 1999 and myself, James and two friends were all studying computer science at Exeter University. The course didn’t actually include web design although one of our lectures…

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Cash Flow is King! Guide to setting up a Cash Flow Forecast

By Alastair Banks | Aug 16, 2009

Right now – Here’s my first post on Finance. To be honest with you, it probably should have been earlier because of the importance of it, but hey lets face it, finance isn’t the easiest/most enjoyable subject to blog about. 🙂 OK, in any business there are lots of different things you need to consider…

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Interview with Banksy and James

By Alastair Banks | Jul 15, 2009

This post was done last year for our ninth birthday at Optix. As we turn ten next Monday I thought I’d revisit the interview for those that missed it. Interview with James Dawkins and Alastair Banks of Optix Solutions: It’s hard to believe that Alastair and James were merely 20 years old when they joined…

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Start by Selling Yourself

By Alastair Banks | Jun 5, 2009

Well once again I find myself apologising for the time taken to write this post – At least I’m now settled in my new pad and have a computer at home so no excuses anymore 🙂 If you’re starting a business then I’m sure that like me, you’ll probably be selling something – either a…

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Business Mentoring and its Importance

By Alastair Banks | May 27, 2009

Apologies for the time its taken me to write this post. Moving house has been my priority this last couple of weeks and left me very little time to sit down and think about this important subject. This post deals with the role business mentoring plays in successful businesses. It can be lonely at the…

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Building Relationships with Suppliers

By Alastair Banks | May 4, 2009

Howdy folks, another post and this time I want to deal with suppliers. Much is written about building relationships with clients and customers but in my opinion not enough is said about the importance of relationships with suppliers. This surprises me because more often than not, your suppliers are propping up your business with their…

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Its Networking, not Netsitting or Neteating….

By Alastair Banks | Apr 24, 2009

So this is the first ‘REAL’ post then and hopefully the clue is the title…. I wanted to cover the one area of business I consider the lifeblood of any small company trying to build their business – Networking. Networking is the process of getting out and meeting other business people at breakfasts, lunches dinners…

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