Working with Ex-Exeter Chiefs and England International Tom Johnson

Super excited today to announce that I’m working with Ex-Exeter Chiefs and England International Rugby star Tom Johnson. TJ and I met last year when I helped him out with his testimonial year. We worked together on the sales of his calendar and I created and ran a number of social media campaigns for him in my spare time. During that time we got on really well and have formed a friendship in which we are both looking to help one another. Amazingly the six foot difference in height doesn’t seem to have been a barrier at all 🙂

TJ is in the process of launching his new venture, a Gym and personal fitness business based around HIITS which for the uninitiated is a form of training which involves high intensity training in short bursts.

My role in this will be to work along side Tom as his personal digital trainer (see what I did there!). I’ll be advising and working with him to ensure he builds his personal brand and maximises his online opportunities.

TJ was kind enough to say the following about why he chose to work with me:

“ Since I met Banksy I’ve been hugely impressed with his drive, professionalism, and knowledge. It’s his forward thinking and never resting on his laurels that made me ask him to be involved in the digital marketing area for my health and fitness brand, something that is so crucial in this day and age. We have become good friends and aim to build a strong team around us as we both know how important it is to be part of a strong collective!”

This isn’t the normal kind of project I’d take on. As I’m extremely busy with the day job, this is the first time I have taken on a project like this since starting Optix but when Tom asked me, I was honoured and excited to get stuck in. Being a huge Exeter Chiefs fan obviously made it all the more appealing. Building a personal brand online is exactly what I’ve done over the last 18 years so it will be fun passing on some of those lessons to someone in Tom’s position.

So watch out for big things from TJ and I, its going to be an honour working with him.

Later this year/early 2018 TJ will be opening a new GYM. There are some very exciting conversations going on about this in the background as we speak. It’s a ‘watch this space’ situation but if you want to be ahead of the curve and find out more about this new venture before others then drop your details into this form below and Tom will be in touch nearer the time.

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