When I grow Up…

When I was growing up there were a number of people in my life that I looked up to – family members, inspirational teachers, sports stars and family friends all featured. When I consider the person I am today – my morals, my feelings towards others, my views on business and so much more I can see elements of these people in me.

Without realising it, I have become a product of my environment. As I’ve grown up I’ve continued to seek out new role models and people that I aspire to be like or learn something from. I’m sure a few of you probably put names like Branson, Steve Jobs, maybe even Lord Sugar in your role model lists but sometimes it’s the people that are on your door step that have the most to offer.

My Dad plays a huge part in my business life – I bounce ideas off him regularly, he chairs one of my companies boards as a non-exec. He is there for me when I need that experience and I’ve often said that if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I can never thank him enough for that.

I’m lucky that my job takes me into hundreds of businesses as a consultant and trusted advisor. I get to meet more people running businesses around the country than I ever dreamed I would have done. Every person I meet is an opportunity to learn. Every now and then I meet someone I know I can learn a lot from and I make it my business to do so. I ask questions, I show interest, I forget my path for that moment and concentrate on others. I wholeheartedly encourage you to do the same.

There are a few people I’d like to pay special tribute to (business wise). Maybe you could consider doing the same today.

Ken Rudge – A good friend and businessman who lives and works in Devon. A very sensible head on him and doesn’t pull any punches.

James Trebble – Never have I met anyone who is so positive. Whatever life throws at this serial entrepreneur, he gets up, dusts down and gets on with it. An absolute delight to spend time with, everyone needs a JT in their life.

*Worth noting here that myself, James and Ken take a day a quarter out of our businesses to get together and talk about challenges, set goals and think about the next big thing for our companies – this is absolute gold dust.

James Dawkins – My business partner for 12 years. We might bicker every now and then but we’ve never fallen out and in 12 years I think that’s pretty impressive. He’s the ying to my yang (soppy I know!).

Nick Sprague – Ultra successful businessman and philanthropist. I think it’s important to have business goals in life and and mine are based on what this man has achieved. Not only does he have a number of successful businesses but he enjoys life, helps charities (even setup his own: http://www.parabottle.co.uk) and has a wonderful home life. If I’m where Nick is in a few years, I’ll be a very happy man.

My list could easily go on…

In my opinion its vital to surround yourself with successful and positive people. Role models are so important to have. If you’ve not done it already, seek yours out and make them a part of what you do.

Now Your Thoughts

  • Who inspires you? Give them a shout out on this blog. They deserve the recognition right?
  • How much of an impact did your childhood role models have on you?


  1. Lucy Flanagan on 2nd December 2011 at 3:56 pm

    A lovely read Alastair and very true.

    There have been people in my life who have inspired me. One of them being the Lady who run the company I used to work for. She was a true inspiration and she inspired me to run my own life coaching practice. She gave me brilliant opportunities which has led me onto be a Life Coach, something I am extremely passionate about. She faced challenges in her life whilst running a successful company helping people, sadly she lost her fight to cancer but she was a true trooper!!

    I believe and always say… you just need that somebody to encourage you and make you believe in yourself.

    I found this quote recently and it’s very true….. “People too weak to follow their dreams, will always find a way to discourage yours”

    So surrounding yourself with positive, inspirational and successful people is definitely a must especially if you want to be positive, successful and one day an inspiration too 🙂 Just like you are Alastair 🙂

    • Banksy on 2nd December 2011 at 7:32 pm

      Thanks Lucy. I love that comment you came across recently. I also use the one ‘people who rain on your parade, do so because they have no parade of their own’ 🙂

      Great to have your first comment here – hope you’ll be a regular in 2012


  2. Lucy Flanagan on 3rd December 2011 at 9:25 am

    Thank you : ) I love that quote you use too, very true!

  3. Caroline Danks on 6th December 2011 at 11:14 am

    Ooh what a wonderful post.

    Someone that really springs to mind as an inspiration is my boss in my previous job. She taught me so much including how to use plain English and cut the waffle.

    I also learned a lot about being quiet in meetings (!), thinking before I added my 20 cents, being more reflective and reading situations more carefully before jumping in.

    So many valuable things which have served me well. ..


    • Banksy on 9th December 2011 at 1:50 pm

      Great comment thank you Caroline

      Love the things you’ve learnt along the way. I think the mere fact you can trace the specifics back to that one person is so nice. I wonder if they know? 🙂

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