Do you work in Marketing in Devon?

One of the things we know at Optix is our client personas. We know them well. They underpin everything we do in the way of sales and marketing. We focus on creating content that will appeal to them and not wasting our time marketing to everyone. 

One of our personas is fondly named Lucy. Let me tell you about Lucy.

  • Lucy can be male or female.
  • Lucy works in marketing. He or She is usually in their second or third role.
  • They usually have the title of marketing manager, sometimes exec or assistant.
  • They are working their way up the career ladder and one day will almost certainly be a marketing director.
  • They are hungry for knowledge, they thrive on being the best they can and they love their craft.
  • They are usually fall into the millennial category or very close to it.
  • Lucy drives a Golf and listens to spotify, sometimes they sing along to their music when they are alone
  • Lucy is a often a member of the CIM
  • Lucy likes a glass of prosecco or a cheeky beer with their friends.
  • Lucy reads marketing week occasionally
  • Lucy is active on most social media platforms but they’re probably not on snapchat
  • Lucy reads a lot and likes to use social media to learn
  • When it comes to working with people like us they love to know the mechanics of how we work
  • We love Lucys

Hopefully you get it, we know Lucy so well and inside almost every client of ours there is a Lucy. So we thought why not get them together. The more we thought of it, the more we liked it. Similar people, doing the same role, just in different businesses. How they could share stories and learn from one another we mused. So thats what this is. The inaugural “We Love Lucy” event. Where this will go we don’t know yet but we know we’re going to give it a try and we hope you’ll come along for the journe

 So here are the details. The first event will be a casual affair, a safe space to come together, have a drink and a few nibbles and meet likeminded folk. We’ll host the event at Optix HQ and we’ll judge from the feedback if people think its a good idea and want to do more. There won’t be a format for this first event but we can talk about that on the night. We will be partnered by Katie Brook from one our lovely clients BCR Associates – A Lucy herself.

 The first event will be the 20th of July from 6pm to 7:30pm at Optix on Marsh Barton. Please book here: 

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