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I’ve recently been involved in delivering a number of talks for students around the area of employability and how social media can help them with their career paths. Having carried out a number of these talks at my own University (Exeter), I’m open to delivering them to other educational establishments.

Whether its a training session on setting up their LinkedIn account or a more general talk about starting a business at University, I look forward to hearing from you and learning more. As this is a personal passion of mine, I’m open to negotiating my normal fees so please ask.

Here are a few comments from students who’ve attended recent events.


Thanks very much for the talk on the 20th – one of the special ones within that module that me and my friend found really interesting!! It was great of you to come and give up some valuable time and speak to us all, it makes more of a difference than you’d imagine; we left talking about start-up ideas and we’re still buzzing from it.

Thanks again and hope to see you sometime!


I really enjoyed your talk this morning, I think it’s the only talk that I have given 100% of my attention to this term, so thank you! Hope everything continues to go well for Optix Solutions!


Thanks. Honestly the best one of those lectures we’ve had!


Hi Alastair, thank-you for accepting my connection. I really enjoyed your lecture last Thursday, found it very informative and interesting. Thanks again, Joe

I found the session very helpful indeed, thank you very much. Thanks also for becoming one of my first few connections!


Hi Alastair – It was a great presentation you did, I hope you received a good response from it.




Thank you Alastair, I not only enjoyed the content but the way it was presented, lectures on “employability” can sometimes drag on, but I honestly enjoyed yours yesterday!

Hope your business carries on being successful.



Hi Alastair,

Just wanted to say a quick thank you, I found your presentation really interesting and I’ll certainly be using a few of the techniques you talked about!

Thanks for accepting the connection!


It was a very useful presentation. Thank you for your advice, tips and guidance.

Hi Alistair,

Thanks for your message. I really enjoyed this morning, it was interesting and very useful.


Thank you I enjoyed your talk very much. It inspire me to set up my LinkedIn page straight away and start connecting.



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